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About the Journal

International Entrepreneurship Review” (IER) is a scientific journal published by the Centre for Strategic and International Entrepreneurship in close cooperation with the Department of International Trade of Krakow University of Economics, issued quarterly.

The journal covers the results of research and exchange of experience related to the issues of both international microeconomics (firms as a research subject) and international macroeconomics (economy as a research subject), with particular emphasis on international entrepreneurship in various spatial systems of the global economy. 

International Entrepreneurship Review” publishes scientific articles, among others, in the following areas:

  • international business,
  • international trade,
  • global economy,
  • international finance,
  • economic integration,
  • entrepreneurship.

You are very welcome to submit your article into our journal.

The articles must be up to 50 000 characters (including spaces as well as all necessary tables, figures, graphs and illustrations, the list of used references and any appendixes if needed). Articles not exceeding 50 000 characters are published free of charge (no article submission (ASF) nor article processing (APF) fees are charged), otherwise the article processing fee (APC) will be applied. 

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. From now on, our journal content is published under CC BY 4.0 license ( from 2023 (since vol. 9, no 1). By the end of 2022, we published under CC BY-ND license 4.0 (

Focus and Scope

The journal's profile is mainly in line with international microeconomics (international business, entrepreneurship) and international macroeconomics (global economy, economic integration, international finance). The journal accepts articles from the following research areas:

1. International business (internationalisation of enterprises; international entrepreneurship; international marketing; international management; internationalisation strategies; international competitiveness of enterprises; transnational corporations; international microeconomics).

2. International trade (traditional and modern forms of international trade; export competitiveness; trade policy; global value chain; internationalisation of industries; regional trade agreements; protectionism and liberalisation of international trade).

3. Global economy (challenges of the contemporary global economy; international comparisons; foreign direct investments; globalisation, regionalisation and semi-globalisation; innovation of global economy; international macroeconomy).

4. International finance (problems of contemporary international finance; global crisis; debt crisis; capital markets; foreign exchange market; capital flows; international corporate finance).

5. Economic integration (Europeanisation processes; integration and disintegration in the European Union; European economic integration; EU and geopolitics; integration processes in the global economy; integration groups).

6. Entrepreneurship (strategic entrepreneurship, international entrepreneurship, innovation, entrepreneurship education).


Indexing and abstracting

"International Entrepreneurship Review" (IER) is indexed in the following databases:


Submission statistics (of December 2023)

Average time for initial manuscript evaluation: 21 days
Average time for reviewing manuscripts: 60 days
Average time an article is published: 90-180 days


published articles: 28

rejection rate (%): 50%

of authors (co-authors): 71 (100%)

            incl. foreign authors: 3 (4%)

           incl. domestic (country-based) authors: 68 (96%) of which local (EIC university-based) authors: 25 (35%)

Countries of origins of authors in 2023: 

            Germany: 1
            Malta: 1
            Iceland: 1
            Poland: 68

number of reviewers:  109 (100%)

            incl. foreign reviewers:  45%

            incl. domestic reviewers:   55%



published articles: 24

rejection rate (%): 53%

of authors (co-authors): 47 (100%)

            incl. foreign authors: 43%

           incl. domestic (country-based) authors: 57% of which local (EIC university-based) authors: 63%

Countries of origins of authors in 2022: 

            Czechia: 1
            France: 1
            Germany: 1
            Marocco: 1
            Nigeria: 8
            Poland: 27
            South Africa: 6
            Spain: 1
            Viet Nam: 1

number of reviewers:  57 (100%)

            incl. foreign reviewers:  40%

            incl. domestic reviewers:   60%



published articles: 25

rejection rate (%): 49%

no. of authors (co-authors): 49 (100%)

            incl. foreign authors: 65%

           incl. domestic (country-based) authors: 35%  of which local (EIC university-based) authors: 16%

Countries of origins of authors in 2021: 

          Cyprus: 2
          Germany: 2
          Hungary: 1
          Indonesia: 2
          Israel: 1
          Jordan: 1
          Kazakhstan: 4
          Nigeria: 7
          Oman: 1
          Poland: 17
          South Africa: 7
          United Arab Emirates: 2
          Vietnam: 2

number of reviewers:   (100%)

            incl. foreign reviewers:  51%

            incl. domestic reviewers:   49%



published articles: 25

rejection rate (%): 36%

no. of authors (co-authors):  35 (100%)

            incl. foreign authors: 37%

           incl. domestic (country-based) authors: 22%  of which local (EIC university-based) authors: %

Countries of origins of authors in 2020: 

           China: 2
           Germany: 1
           Nigeria: 1
           Poland: 22
           Spain: 2
           Taiwan: 2

number of reviewers:  42 (100%)

            incl. foreign reviewers:  48%

            incl. domestic reviewers:   52 %




The Ministry of Education and Science has awarded 100 points to International Entrepreneurship Review (2020 - ongoing).

The journal "International Entrepreneurship Review" was included in the ministerial programme "Development of Scientific Journals" (RCN) for the years 2022-2024

The journal "International Entrepreneurship Review" was included in the ministerial programme "Support for Scientific Journals" (WCN) for the years 2019-2020 and is placed on the list of 500 Polish journals distinguished for their quality (the list includes only 27 journals in the field of economic sciences in total, i.e. economy and finance as well as management and quality sciences).