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Evaluation of selected determinants of innovation potential at NUTS 2 level in V4 countries


The main aim of our paper is to assess the innovation potential of NUTS 2 regions in Slovakia and compare them with other regions in V4 countries. We synthesize the existing theoretical and methodological knowledge on this issue. Pointing to some empirical research in this field and using this knowledge to apply the existing measurement methodology of regional innovation potential, while complementing it with our own method on example of V4 region. In the analytical part of contribution we apply selected indicators of regional innovation potential to measure it in V4 countries´ NUTS II regions, to compare and sort NUTS II regions in V4 countries due this potential. In the theoretical part of our contribution we systematize the findings of measuring regional innovation potential and its specificities. In the analytical part we work with data of selected European regions Then we use the factor analysis method to extract one factor of the regional innovation potential. The second approach used in the analytical part is ranking of regions on the basis of own built innovation potential index. There exist a broad range of quantitative and qualitative methods to evaluate the innovative potential of regions. We used selected quantitative indicators. In current regional theories higher importance is put to better understanding of functioning of the innovative process at the regional level. That group of innovations determinants are the result of the networking and relations between actors. Synthesis and critical assessment of existing approaches to measuring the innovation potential at the regional level. Application of selected measurement methods on a practical example. Usage of own approach – creation and application of own index of innovation potential at NUTS 2 level in the V4 countries.


Innovation potential, regions NUTS 2, Visegrad countries, ranking, determinants, factors, innovation



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